Satin cover. Natural synthetic fibers with pure and soft surface

Satin pillow cover is one of the most popular types of pillow cover, which is very soft and has durable fibers.

Satin Pillow Cover

In general, the pillow cover is a protective fabric that prevents the bottom layer from getting dirty and stained.

In fact, because it is not easy to wash the pillow, they cover it with a cover so that when it gets dirty, the pillow cover can be easily removed and washed.

In the past, pillow covers were only made with natural fibers such as feathers and wool, but nowadays they are mostly made of synthetic fibers such as glass wool.

A pillow cover is one of the sleeping accessories that absorbs dirt due to constant contact with the scalp and hair.

In sewing the pillow cover, soft and delicate fabrics are used and a special pattern is used for sewing them.

The pillow cover should be washed regularly and spread out against the sunlight if possible.

Satin Pillow Cover

Satin Pillow Cover Features

The satin pillow cover is very light and soft and has a smooth and slippery surface.

This fabric does not absorb dust and dirt and has a strong and resistant material.

Title Description
Feature Soft and Durable
Fiber Natural, Synthetic
Sewing Method Envelope, Strapped, Buttoned
Surface Smooth and Slippery

The pillow cover is available in a variety of attractive and beautiful colors, patterned and monochromatic.

In terms of sewing method and pillow cover model, there are as follows:

  • With zipper
  • An envelope
  • Strapped
  • Buttoned

Another feature of the satin cover is maintaining skin moisture, which is effective in preventing skin rash.

Also, due to the smooth surface of the satin fabric, it keeps the hair in shape and prevents frizz and tangling.

Satin fabric does not cause allergies due to its standard fibers and is very suitable for pillow covers.

satin pillow case

Buy Satin Pillow Cover

If you buy a satin pillow cover, you should first pay attention to the size of your pillows and then buy the right type.

Choosing a patterned or simple type of this cover depends on the decoration of your other devices and can be a matter of taste.

Pay attention to the sewing type and sewing quality of the purchased pillow cover, that it has strong stitching and its seams are not obvious.

Pay attention to the purchased pillow cover fabric that the thread is not stretched and it is healthy.

Among the pillow cover models, it is more suitable to choose the pocket and zipper model because it opens and closes easily.

If you buy a cover with a zipper, make sure that the zipper is intact and well sewn to the cover.

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Satin Pillow Cover Price + Buy and Sell

The price of a pillow cover depends on various options such as fabric type, fabric quality, sewing type, cover model, manufacturer brand and cover size.

Satin pillow cover fortunately has a reasonable price and is economical.

The thicker the satin fabric and the stronger its fibers, the higher its price.

An increase in the price of fabric raw materials, an increase in the inflation rate, and an increase in the exchange rate cause fluctuations in the price of pillow covers.

The price of a pair of satin pillow covers ranges from 4 dollar to 15 dollars.

You can contact us by phone or online to buy and place a bulk order for this product and for advice in this field.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Satin Pillow Cover

1: What are the features of Satin Pillow Cover?

The satin pillow cover is very light and soft and has a smooth and slippery surface.

2: What is Satin Pillow Cover?

The pillow cover is a protective fabric that prevents the bottom layer from getting dirty and stained.

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