Linen cushion cover. It is very sensitive to prevent the contamination of adolescent, adolescent, and adult sizes

Linen pillow cover is one of the types of pillow cover that is very delicate and soft and absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Linen Pillow Cover

In the distant past, people used materials such as stone, wood and animal skin as pillow covers.

But nowadays, due to the industrial life and many advances, soft and comfortable items are used as pillows and pillow covers.

They put soft fibers such as glass wool, cotton and feathers in the pillow and cover it with several layers of fabric called a pillow cover.

The reason for using a pillow cover is to prevent pollution and dust from being absorbed into the fibers inside the pillow.

Because it is difficult to wash the fibers inside the pillow, so they cover the pillow with fabrics such as linen, satin, velvet, thread, and silk.

Linen fabric is one of the oldest fabrics that is very suitable for pillow covers.

pillow cover with zipper

Linen Pillow Cover Features

The linen pillow cover has many positive features, but the most important feature is the quick absorption of moisture and sweat from the head and face.

Also, air flows well in linen fabric and dries quickly.

Title Description
features  very delicate and soft and absorbs moisture and dries quickly
usage prevent pollution and dust from being absorbed into the fibers inside the pillow.
materials linen, satin, velvet, thread, and silk.
sizes baby, teen and adult

The pillow cover is made of linen fabric from plant fibers and does not cause any sensitivity or allergy to humans.

The use of linen pillow cover is very suitable for babies and children because it does not have fluff and does not cause allergies in them.

Linen pillow covers are sold in different sizes, including baby, teen and adult, in very beautiful designs and colors.

The pillow cover is equipped with a zipper for easy opening and closing and can be washed by hand or washing machine.

linen pillow cover 20x20

Buy Linen Pillow Cover

When buying a linen pillow cover, be sure to pay attention to the thickness and quality of the fabric, because thin linen fabric is prone to stretching.

Also, make sure the quality of the color and consistency of the design and color of the purchased pillow cover fabric.

At the time of purchase, according to the size of your pillow, buy the right size pillow cover.

Pay attention to the sewing quality of the purchased pillow cover that the seams are not open and the zipper is intact.

Pay attention that the surface of the purchased pillow cover is smooth and does not have stitching protrusions because it causes skin wrinkles in the long run.

linen king size pillowcase

Linen Pillow Cover Price + Buy and Sell

The price of a pillow cover depends on various factors such as fabric type, fabric quality, cover model, sewing method and cover size.

The price of linen pillow covers in a two-piece package is in the price range of 8 dollar to 15 dollars.

The following causes fluctuations in the price of the pillow cover:

Increase in fabric rates

Increase in inflation

Increase in exchange rate

Increasing the cost of sewing and accessories

The higher the thickness of the linen fabric used in the pillow cover and the higher the color quality, the higher the price.

You can contact our colleagues by phone or online to inquire about inventory and place orders in bulk, as well as ask questions in this field.

best linen pillowcases

The Answer to Two Questions About pillow cover

1: What is the importance of pillow covers?

Mattress covers and pillowcases not only shield pillows and mattresses from dust and bacteria, but they also give them a cleaner, more orderly appearance.

2:How often should pillow covers be washed?

Gagliardi recommends washing your pillowcases at the same time as the rest of your bed sheets, which you should do at least once a week.

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