Cotton fabric quilted cushion cover, modern design, white color, standard size

Quilted pillow covers have a distinctive and modern feel and there is a shade of color for every style and taste.

Quilted Pillow Cover

It is claimed that the invention of quilted pillow covers dates back to Mesopotamian civilizations around 6000 BC.

Covers for pillows served as symbols of luxury at the time; the more you owned, the wealthier you were thought to be.

According to researchers, pillow covers would not have been considered just a bedding set during this time period but rather works of art.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for pillow covers to gain popularity among other people and play a significant role in daily life.

The Chinese thought that cheap-material covers lost their vitality when they were created.

So to make them better for laying on, many civilizations made them with high-quality fabric.

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Quilted Pillow Cover Features

The main advantage of a quilted pillow cover is that while other bedding sets can be challenging to clean, pillow covers are not.

If you regularly maintain the condition of your cover, you can have it for many decades to come.

Title Description
Color White
Size Standard and Custom
Fabric Cotton
Pattern Simple and Modern Design

You can easily toss them in the washer with the remaining portion of your bed sheets.

Another significant advantage is the simplicity with which you may combine your pillow covers with different types of bedspreads to get a completely distinctive look.

Also, the quilted pillow cover will prolong the life of your pillow by shielding it from smudges and spills.

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Buy Quilted Pillow Cover

The following advice will help you buy the ideal quilted pillow cover for your requirements.

First, consider your pillow’s measured dimensions, size, and quantity.

If it is too large or tiny, it can draw attention away from the overall theme and aesthetic of your decor, so avoid either situation.

Touch the fabric of the pillow cover and make sure that it is soft and smooth and it should not make your skin itchy, so buy a quilted pillow cover that is hypoallergenic.

Choose a fine quilted pillow cover that complements your current bedding set from the variety of options available.

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Quilted Pillow Cover Price + Buy and Sell

Several variables, including fabric and its texture, style, color, and dimension, influence the price range of quilted pillow covers.

Typically, high-quality pillow covers like silk ones cost more than ordinary pillow covers since they are constructed of premium materials.

The price can also be impacted by the style’s intricacy, manufacturing processes, and the degree of customization needed.

A pillow cover’s quantity can also affect its cost; bigger covers tend to be more expensive than small ones.

Quilted pillow covers might cost anywhere between $17 and $39 in today’s market.

Get this pillow cover without a doubt, and get in touch with our sales consultant for further details.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Quilted Pillow Covers

1: What is a quilted pillow cover?

It keeps your pillows clean and protected with these quilted covers.

2: How do you wash quilted pillow covers?

Wash it only with a washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle.

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