Hospital Bed Mattress Exportation

hospital bed mattress are exported by many stores and medical equipment companies in Iran. This product is exported in bulk and with special packaging to neighboring countries and Europe. This mattress is exported to other countries with reasonable prices and quality. Contact with our company for more information.

Hospital Bed Mattress Exportation

 What are the great differences between hospital and home mattresses?

 What are the great differences between hospital and home mattresses? From the past to the present, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology in the bedding industry, various types of hospital mattress characteristics have been produced and at certain times, special mattresses have been considered by the people. But in this period when we talk about sleeping mattresses, everyone knows that we mean spring mattresses. Mattresses have different uses depending on their type. For example, hospital mattresses are different from ordinary mattresses we use at home. Ordinary people do not have any restrictions to use the mattress and according to their sleeping habits and taste, they choose a suitable mattress that they buy according to its weight as well as its firmness and softness, during which they rest for eight hours. Night and their body recovery requires a suitable and standard mattress. Hospital mattresses, on the other hand, are mattresses that patients have to lie on for long hours to improve their health. But the question is, can the usual mattresses used at home in the hospital be used? The answer to this question with a little thought is definitely no. Because this type of mattress is not made for medical and therapeutic uses and is not suitable for long-term use at all, and this type of mattress with different users certainly has differences in their structure. There are several differences between a sleeping mattress and a hospital mattress: An ordinary standard comfortble and soft mattress can not be placed on adjustable beds, as is the case in hospitals. Because it can not be folded like a bed. Hospital mattresses are made of certain types of smart foam (which makes the mattress comfortable and at the same time a strong support for it). Hospital mattresses, also known as medical or therapeutic mattresses, are usually less than 16 cm thick and are available both clinically and at home for patient comfort and support.

Using Hospital Bed Mattress for Elderly People

Using Hospital Bed Mattress for Elderly People The need for hospital beds for the well-being of patients or the elderly and even their caregivers is natural. In the past, these beds were designed and made only for use in hospitals, but today they are also used as hospital beds suitable for home care for the elderly or sick. In general, the use of these beds at home has made the situation easier for patients and the elderly. They can place the bed in different positions and get out of the uniform according to the breaking mechanism. The benefits of using hospital beds for the elderly include: Breaker and position change, Adjust the height of the bed, Standard dimensions, healthy, Washability and disinfection and Facilitate the care of the elderly and the sick. A hospital bed or home bed provides a variety of services to the nurse or patient companion to care for the sick and elderly. This tool allows the patient to move and carry better than before. Ordinary hospital beds are different from beds in the intensive care unit and beds for children or the elderly. Hospital foam mattresses are reasonably priced. These mattresses are lighter than spring mattresses but have less breathability than spring mattresses. These mattresses absorb the impact of movements and prevent bed sores.

Hospital Bed Mattress Retail Market

Hospital Bed Mattress Retail Market The retail market of hospital bed mattresses is common in many cities and provinces of the country. Demand for hospital mattresses with reasonable prices and quality in Iran is very high. In these markets, you can buy mattresses at reasonable and even cheap prices. Also, before buying these mattresses from the retail market, pay attention to the quality of the mattress.


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