High Production of Wool Pillowcase to Export

As you know, every pillow that is offered in the markets becomes beautiful and meaningful despite the pillowcase. Because pillows without pillowcase are often white and soulless which does not create any motivation in the person’s spirit. Therefore, in addition to meeting domestic demand, the high production of wool pillowcases in Iran has been welcomed by buyers for export to other foreign countries. You can also contact us to buy and register your orders.

High Production of Wool Pillowcase to Export

Wool Pillowcase Vs Silk Pillowcase

Wool Pillowcase Vs Silk Pillowcase In this article, we intend to provide you with information about silk and wool pillowcase. Woolen pillowcase are 100% organic, which creates an instant change in the quality of your sleep. The pillows of these pillows are made of hand-picked white wool and their cover is made of 100% pure cotton. In each of the wool fibers, there are air capsules that create air circulation inside the pillow and keep the environment under the head always fresh.

If the product is washed with cold water and low speed washing machine and pulled after drying, it will return to its original state. But it is better not to wash as much as possible and to prevent it from getting dirty, a pillowcase is pulled on it. The best use of this product is in pillows that have lost their usability. You can put old pillows inside this pillowcase and enjoy the use of a completely organic medical product.

Silk pillowcase have a shiny and radiant appearance that has many benefits for the skin. Using a silk pillowcase is an easy way to prevent skin wrinkles. These pillowcase are very beautiful and stylish and can be easily washed. The variety of silk pillowcases in terms of color and design is very wide and they are suitable for all people with any taste.

3 Top Factors to Use Wool Fabric as Pillowcase

3 Top Factors to Use Wool Fabric as Pillowcase As you know, the wool pillowcase benefits for skin and hair health are very wide, which is why this product is used. In the following, we intend to point out the top 3 factors for using wool fabric as a pillowcase:

  1. The first factor to consider is to make sure the pillowcase fibers are natural. Because throughout the history of textiles, people have produced a lot of synthetic wool, which despite many advances, still does not replace natural sheep wool, and natural wool has a high priority and quality compared to man-made products. The wool used in quality pillowcase should be completely natural.
  2. The next factor to consider is its color. The color of wool is permanent and does not change colors, but you should be careful that your product uses the natural color of wool so that you do not suffer from skin allergies in the future.
  3. The last factor is to pay attention to the product design. The design of the pillowcase should also be chosen in accordance with the style of the bedroom. One of the beautiful pillowcase models that can be used in any style; The pillowcase is an envelope design that is very popular in the sleeping goods market.

Distributing Wool Pillowcase in Different Sizes

Distributing Wool Pillowcase in Different Sizes Pillowcase is one of the sleeping products that is used to cover the pillow properly. In addition to protecting the pillow, this product also plays an important role in the beauty of the bedroom. Pillowcase are divided into two models, tubular and square, depending on the type of pillow. Each of these pillowcase has different designs and models.

Inside and outside the country, various companies and brands are active in the field of pillowcase production. Each brand uses specific fabrics and stitching. Wool pillowcase is one of the beautiful and high quality pillowcases that are produced in different sizes.

This complex is one of the centers for distributing woolen pillowcase with wholesale prices. This center offers a variety of beautiful and new pillowcase designs in bulk and at reasonable prices. To register your orders and know the wool pillowcase price, you can contact the sales department of this collection.


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